Sports coaching or training is such a gratifying industry to work in whether you work for a gym, a university, self employed or just on a voluntary basis. Teaching something you enjoy and passing on knowledge and advice to help others development has such an intrinsic satisfaction and benefit.

If you are studying to become a personal trainer or if you are already working in the industry then it will be clear that you have an important responsibility and legal obligation to the individual or group of people you coach or supervise. In any sport there is always some element of risk associated with injury, although you will use your best endeavours to fulfil your respective roles responsibly, it is very important you have good levels of protection if someone suffers injury or loss and makes a claim against you.

Coaches, officials, and referees are under a duty to take reasonable care of the people under their supervision. Part of this duty is to do all that is reasonable to avoid the participants being injured, including giving appropriate advice and guidance and ensuring competitions are conducted in accordance with the rules of the game.

The core level of insurance cover you need as a sports trainer is public liability insurance. Public liability insurance is designed to compensate the insured party if they are sued by a member of the public, a company or client because they have suffered a loss as a result of either your actions or those of your employees. Public liability cover is required by professional associations in order to practice as a professional personal trainer or coach. Also you will also require professional indemnity insurance which will give you cover for breaches of professional duty arising from negligent acts, errors or omissions. This is essential insurance cover needed for the fitness professional.

Sports coaching or personal training insurance offers you and your customer’s peace of mind that should an accident happen. Depending on your situation different levels of cover would be required and a tailored personal training insurance policy will not only give you the specific protection you need but can also save you money.

JLT Business Insurance Services provides bespoke personal training insurance policies that suit your business or individual. Specialist brokers of Small Business insurance, JLT tailored policies allow customers to only pay for the insurance cover they require, offering great cover and fantastic savings.

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