JLT BIS - Van insurance

Who we cover

Whether you own a commercial van, courier vehicle, transit van or delivery van our insurance policy will cover you. You may be using your van to deliver flowers, food or fridges – its no problem – our policy is designed for you. We understand it can be a nightmare when you’re van is damaged or stolen especially when you need to deliver to your customers on time - so we’ve built our cover to make things easier for you if the worse happens.

What we cover

Our van insurance delivers many benefits to you. For instance if you’re van is immobilised after an accident, theft, attempted theft or vandalism we’ll help you and your passengers get to your destination - or pay up to £50 per person per night for hotel accommodation.

We’ll pay for your legal costs - up to £250 to defend you if you’re prosecuted for a motor related offence. Even more if your disqualified because of a speeding offence or through points ‘totting’ up, then we’ll pay your travel expenses up to £100 per week for up to 52 weeks to help keep you mobile while you are unable to drive. Remember we also recover and repair your van as quick as possible – and as we cover your legal expenses, we can include hire charges so you can be on your way again.

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